Christine Personal Training Client & Class Member
Ronnie Heath is the definition of Full Focus Training. He is a great trainer and inspirer whose main focus is to help you strive to reach your fitness goals. His training regimen targets every portion of the body. It is an intense but fun full body workout. Ronnie is a friendly and highly motivated individual. If you're looking for results, you're looking for Ronnie.
Monique Personal Training Client
If you want the best results, Ronnie is the best choice for a trainer. He pushes you to do things you never thought you would be able to do. Also, instead of just standing there telling you what to do, he'll workout with you. That was a great for me because it pushed me to try and do my best and also keep up with him.
Giovanna Personal Training Client
At first, I was apprehensive about launching into a full-blown exercise program. I have been working with Ronnie for the past six weeks and have seen immediate results. My endurance has increased as well as my overall energy levels. Ronnie is a wonderful motivator. He pushed me to work hard in a positive and encouraging way. I have never felt better about myself.